Frida Kahlo

This year I joined Make Art that Sells Bootcamp. It was a great experience, both because I learned so much from the assignments, and because the community is so supportive.

Someone commented Bravery Magazine was taking submissions for their third issue, dedicated to Frida Kahlo. I decided last moment to send something in, and here is the video of how I painted most of it. Although my portrait wasn't included in the magazine, they kindly shared my piece on their Instagram account.

I grew up in Mexico City, and Frida's work was always visible to me. To be honest, many of her paintings scared me when I was little, but as an adult I really appreciate her art.

This is my tribute to her.


Famous paintings

I have always admired the grand masters. Although I have no intention to do reproductions of famous masterpieces, I thought I might enjoy to do some interpretations of famous paintings, my style. For one, I thought to add a bit of diversity, so Asian Mona Lisa and African Girl with a Pear Earring were born. I wanted to make them recognizable, but not copies. Maybe I’ll start to depart even more from the original in future interpretations, who knows?

A is for Alice

I hadn't visited Illustration Friday in ages, and I truly mean months, perhaps more than a year. I checked it out the day before yesterday (Wednesday) and there it was, the challenge for this week: the letter A.

My first idea was to illustrate some word that starts with the letter A in several languages, and I thought about Lego Duplo's alphabet. The letter A is represented by a plane, so that was my first idea. I started sketching, and since drawing is the way I think, my thoughts wandered to Alice in Wonderland.

I put the A in the middle, and drew Alice and some context around her. I decided to do a limited palette, and play around with the same colours.


Krokodil Gena

The melody has been playing in my mind for several months now. Krokodil Gena, Cheburashka's faithful friend is singing a birthday song to himself while playing the accordion. People skid on the puddles, and wonder why he is so happy.

I love this song, it is very nostalgic, and that's maybe why I wanted bring the words into images.

The Fat Lady

I am myself a big fan of the Harry Potter series. My 7 year old son is a new fan too, and he's been reading the books since last summer (he's read the all twice already). He asked me a few months back what the Fat Lady looks like, and I doodled a bit, till I found some spare moments here and there to do a more detailed sketch.

I learned last week about the initiative #womenwhodraw, so I decided to submit something, only I didn't have any illustrations of a woman! I started sketching different ideas, until I remembered my Fat Lady in her pink dress. I enjoyed the imaginary portrait, perhaps when I have some time I will paint her frame.


I had lond wanted to paint a portrait of this super cuddly and extra soft toy. It belongs to my youngest son, and it's name is Fluff-ball.

Would you like to commission a portrait of a favourite Teddy? Please visit the "contact" section of my page.

52 weeks illustration challenge: week 45 "zebra"

I didn't intend to really do this. I googled "zebra" and it suggested "zebra finch", and I thought it would be fun to play with masking fluid, just little drops. I strarted to paint around these drops, and before I knew what hit me, I had a full illustration of a bird!

I enjoyed immensely to paint this little fellow. I can't get enough of watching the pigment spread.


Well, this season brings a mixture of fun and spookiness. The kids love to get into their costumes and go out trick or treating.

This is also my last #inktober2016. I didn't produce as many pieces as I would have liked, but decided it wasn't worth posting work I wasn't satisfied with.

Autumn leaves.

Most of September was really mild, if not hot, but Autumn has arrived for sure. I think I am even worse than my two sons picking every single pretty leaf and acorn I come across.


It's the first time I take this challenge. I was away for a few days, but now I have joined in. I really enjoy working with India ink, both witha dip pen and washes.

52 Weeks Illustration Challenge.

I joined the challenge on Facebook sometime in April. Due to our super long Summer holidays I wasn't able to keep up, but now that everything's back to normal I will catch up. These are my previous posts.