Famous paintings

I have always admired the grand masters. Although I have no intention to do reproductions of famous masterpieces, I thought I might enjoy to do some interpretations of famous paintings, my style. For one, I thought to add a bit of diversity, so Asian Mona Lisa and African Girl with a Pear Earring were born. I wanted to make them recognizable, but not copies. Maybe I’ll start to depart even more from the original in future interpretations, who knows?

Krokodil Gena

The melody has been playing in my mind for several months now. Krokodil Gena, Cheburashka's faithful friend is singing a birthday song to himself while playing the accordion. People skid on the puddles, and wonder why he is so happy.

I love this song, it is very nostalgic, and that's maybe why I wanted bring the words into images.