Famous paintings

I have always admired the grand masters. Although I have no intention to do reproductions of famous masterpieces, I thought I might enjoy to do some interpretations of famous paintings, my style. For one, I thought to add a bit of diversity, so Asian Mona Lisa and African Girl with a Pear Earring were born. I wanted to make them recognizable, but not copies. Maybe I’ll start to depart even more from the original in future interpretations, who knows?

The Fat Lady

I am myself a big fan of the Harry Potter series. My 7 year old son is a new fan too, and he's been reading the books since last summer (he's read the all twice already). He asked me a few months back what the Fat Lady looks like, and I doodled a bit, till I found some spare moments here and there to do a more detailed sketch.

I learned last week about the initiative #womenwhodraw, so I decided to submit something, only I didn't have any illustrations of a woman! I started sketching different ideas, until I remembered my Fat Lady in her pink dress. I enjoyed the imaginary portrait, perhaps when I have some time I will paint her frame.